Tire Storage

Tire Storage

Save Space with Our Tire Storage

Are you tight for space in your garage or your condo’s storage?  Tired of moving dirty, heavy tires? Make life easy by using our tire storage service with our own in-house, secure, climate-controlled storage facility.

Tire storage has never been easier with our convenient pickup and delivery service. You can call 604-900-7878 to have your tires stored with us. We’ll bring them back whenever you’re ready. You can also get tire storage as part of one of our changeover packages.  If you use the service as part of a package, you get free tire storage for the first season.

Our Tire Storage Benefits

Here are some of the advantages of our tire storage service:

  • Tires are stored in bags to minimize the loss of critical lubricating oils with the tire
  • Tires are stored upright unless already on rims
  • Your tires are rotated monthly.  This keeps the tires from getting flat spots
  • The facilities are secured and climate-controlled keeping your tires safe and in great shape.