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I had an experience trying to purchase and install Winter tires a few years back that led me to start Sedona Mobile Tire Service. My family was preparing to travel to Kaleden, but I didn’t have Winter tires. I took off work to visit a local tire dealership and was surprised to find that Winter tires for my Volkswagen were extremely hard to source. The owner went through a lot of time and effort to search for tires on his computer. Then he resolved to call a few places to inquire about inventory as well. Luckily we found the last 4 tires at nearly the same size at a good price, but I would have to wait 3 to 5 days for the tires to arrive. At this point, I had already missed a few hours of work.

I scheduled an appointment for a week later and, again, I booked time off work to bring in my car and waited 2 1/2 hours for the installation. I lost a half day that I could have spent pursuing other priorities like work or family. But I was lucky at the same time. Some of the dealer’s customers had been waiting 3 weeks for tires that still hadn’t arrived.

Once I did have my tires installed, the next year I had a flat tire. Much to my dismay, I realized the tire store had tightened the lug bolts to a torque impossible to loosen by hand. I had to call a mobile service vehicle just to loosen the bolts so I could install my spare tire. It’s surprising to know that many tire installers simply tighten lug bolts with an impact driver ignoring proper torque settings.

When I did research for a mobile tire service, I found the same sentiments over and over. Even big store tire shops often take a week or more just to bring in tires from one of their other locations. People more than not have to book off extended time to sit and wait for tires or drop off their car and make alternate arrangements for transportation. Commercial vehicles often are pulled from service for days costing businesses a lot of money when that service vehicle is not on the road.

Mobile tire service is an excellent option regardless of circumstances. Saving time and effort is great, but having your vehicle’s tires installed according to manufacturer specifications by certified, professional installers is extremely important too.  A very long list of potential issues can arise when tires are stored or installed incorrectly. I’ll be writing another article shortly that details the risks and pitfalls of some common practices in the tire service industry.

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